Chariot of Fire: Elijah of the Last Days

Chariot of Fire

Martha Kilpatrick
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About This Book

Chariot of Fire offers keen discernment and diagnosis of the Jezebel Spirit, but more than that, it delves into the personal relationship between Elijah and God that is crucial to overcoming.


Bring me my chariot of fire…

Martha Kilpatrick’s Chariot of Fire clearly illustrates that the fruits of Jezebel are everywhere: widespread emasculation of men, the rise of militant women, the growing impotence of the church at large, rampant immorality, and the ever-hastening disintegration of marriage and family, to name a few. These are merely symptoms of an insidious demonic principality, the Jezebel Spirit.

“Jezebel’s special hatred is for maleness…

“The fierceness of Jesus and the exacting standard of God which was His zeal—this is the power of masculinity she seeks to neutralize so that the vitality of God in His Church is crushed into insipid weakness.”

It it useless to fight the symptoms of Jezebel. Like Elijah, believers are called to be victorious over the evil itself. But what does that entail in the practical? The epic saga of Elijah’s fight against Jezebel and Ahab contains timeless wisdom not just in spiritual warfare, but in the spiritual triumph that is every born-again believer’s divine inheritance.

“Jezebel forces the consummate choice, ‘To whom will you CHOOSE to belong?’ Before the universe, YOU have the right of choice. Who is on God’s side? Jezebel may capture you, destroy your fruitfulness, drag you to the tower of her evil. But when the King of Kings calls, your choice alone will determine your escape.”

Much has been written about the Jezebel Spirit in terms of identifying and confronting this evil, but less has been said about the preparation and restoration that bookend that spiritual warfare…until now. In Chariot of Fire, the manifestations of the Jezebel principality are viewed through the lens of Elijah’s victory, a victory wrung out of the personal life of Elijah before it became the reality of his nation. Chariot of Fire is not a treatise on the nature of evil, though it contains great wisdom on that score. This book is a battle plan, revealing the often overlooked keys to complete deliverance from the Jezebel Spirit and the ultimate victory of Jesus Christ Himself.

Chariot of Fire, now available in both print and digital format.

Chapter Excerpts

The Widow and the Boy
Elijah's Despair
Eunuchs and Weaklings
Praying for Rain

There is the history of politics and there is the recorded story of nations. But the authentic history is the unwritten record of humanity, of people and their private stories, formed and composed by God and posted only in His Eternal Annals.

There are films of wars and documents of conflict. But the real war is fought individual by individual, a spiritual clash of heaven and hell fought in the solitary heart. And there in the secret recesses…won or lost.

This is not a book I wanted to write. It is a book I had to write. And in the end, it has become a joy to offer it to the Body of Christ, to those who bear the anointing of Elijah and recognize the torture of Jezebel.

I consider it my document of spiritual war, a manual of enemy strategy, but above all, an explosive declaration of Victory. The Bible is about God, and man, but…something else as well.

The Bible’s shocking content is very much about evil, in all its deceiving faces and its boring repetition.

We would rather turn our religious heads and hope it goes away, this evil. It doesn’t. For the ardent believer seeking God’s face, this presence, this black opposition, is around every corner. It must be faced…or it will consume your soul.

The assignment of God, the test of obedience, the crucible of purity, is hidden inside how you deal with evil…with His rabid enemy. It is a fearsome responsibility. We would rather work than fight, dance than grapple. But to fail to climb into your ring of conflict is to lose your chance at Divine Adventure, not to mention your Eternal Destiny.

Then Satan will write the final chapter of your story.

If you fail to face evil, and refuse to name evil, you become evil and disastrously blind to it.

William Blake, the great Christian poet of the 18th century wrote:

Bring me my bow of burning gold.
Bring me my arrows of desire.
Bring me my spear, O clouds unfold.
Bring me my chariot of fire.

The fire of Elijah, blazing against satanic evil is a missing quality in Christian men and women, therefore in the church. The chariot of fire must be restored to this generation, which could be the last one.

So…to the courageous, to the desperate, come with me! This seasoned and very scarred warrior has some Light for your uphill path…and some Very Good News.

How I praise You, O my Father, for your Perfect Gift of victory in the Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.  Let that Mighty Victory ring forth from these words and give hope and triumph to Your people. Even above that, Lord, in this writing may God be magnified and by this writing, satisfied. Amen and amen!

Martha Kilpatrick

John 3:19-20
This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil.

For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.

God trains his conquerors in small battles with token victories that hold all the elements of the larger war. David fought the lion and the bear to get ready for a mere Goliath. Moses watched a dim-witted herd of sheep for 40 years, and there he learned unending patience with wandering animals. Then! Then he was ready to lead five million, having been schooled on a few.

God will stretch you but never leaves you without a precedent… He has entirely too much integrity to assign a job about which you know nothing.

Elijah was commissioned to defeat Jezebel and he was sent in training to one widow and her son. When you confront the sin of a nation, you do so beginning with only one. In that one (or two) you have the prototype to reveal the whole picture…and the solution.

And when you break the bondage of one, you have started to topple the walls of evil and the crumbling of its power has begun.

Elijah was to learn there in Zarephath the ways of his enemy, the sinful issues that make Jezebel ruler of a life. And the death-to-self it takes to come out.

Zarephath was a city in the region of Sidon, the place where Jezebel’s father was king. It was her home, and the worship center of her heathen god, Baal. Elijah infiltrated that fortress built against the Most High God to shake that spurious empire from within. Elijah would rescue two poor and obscure victims: the widow and the boy.

To truly conquer evil, the one with an Elijah-bearing enters the very life of the victim and by that inside view conquers the tyrant, Jezebel. Such is the worth of an imprisoned-one to the heart of God, that He would send His Choice Prophet right into the village of the enemy: there to live, serve and fight, until liberty was secured.

Elijah conquered the domination of the widow and the death of the boy. The roots of the Jezebel spirit: the sins of men and the sins of women displayed here in one small home. The widow represents woman-without-man. Jezebel’s goal is the destruction of the male. God is male. The Savior is male.

Masculinity came first in creation. Masculinity leads. Femininity is not negated; God has His gentle character. But without maleness and femaleness both, there is no life. Jezebel, as Satan’s disguise, wants the end of male firmness so as to bring in a maelstrom, the utter confusion in which the Enemy can take over.

So in Sidon the males were gone. The woman-without-man is destitute. Fruitless and starving. So also is the man-without-his-manhood.

The widow gripped her last bit of food, a little flour, a cruse of oil. And the prophet asked for it as a gift (1 Kings 17:10-12). The woman in Jezebel is tempted to “own” in order to control. Elijah touched the heart of the Jezebel ambition. And the widow yielded. The prophet brought the choice, from God, and it was life or death. “Give up and live…or hold on and die.”

Giving up control: that is the challenge of God. To own is to lose His provision. To relinquish, with all its terrifying risk, is to feast during the famine of those who clutch.

Jezebel is the spirit of theft and murder, which is the essence of Satan’s nature, brought to earth through a human-vessel who will share his ambition to possess. Jezebel possessed her husband’s position, the vineyard of Naboth, the prophets of God; and all she owned she killed. This is the spirit of Jezebel.

The widow under the dominion of the Baal worship of her country was tempted to solve life by the possessiveness of Jezebel. Elijah showed her there was a choice, a different way.

What a woman relinquishes to God is given back to her multiplied. A woman’s strength lies in her feminine vulnerability, which God delights to cover.

Women without men can make miniature husbands of their sons, stripping them of golden fire and making them slaves of womanly fears…  Such “boys” never escape the internal prisons that overbearing mothers have put them in and they perish there…little by little.

Wives can make little boys of their husbands, by taking the role of “mother” instead of “wife.”

The widow’s boy began to die. The NIV reads:

1 Kings 17:17
…the (boy) became ill. He grew worse and worse…

Women afraid, disappointed in men, often possess their sons and so take them over that their growth into manhood is stopped. While they are yet boys, their basic nature of fight and spit are violated. This is the Ahab spirit, the weakening of men unto the death of their very maleness.

Ahab-boys under Jezebel-widows die a slow and suffocating death:  the death of individuality and therefore of energy. And worse, the death of their gender – the male savagery God created and society needs.

When Jezebel rules, she kills maleness. Her ambition is not to be queen but to be king, with the privilege and power belonging to men. Her rival is not other women but other men.

When a woman assumes fierce dominance, she is welcoming Jezebel evil.

Your spirit is your spirit, but your soul has gender. The mind, will, and emotions function according to gender. Marriage will not exist in heaven, neither will pastors, prophets, family relationships…but gender remains forever.

When the woman gives into fear and greed, she invites the Jezebel ways. She consumes the life of the boy, the “boy” being the innate masculinity, the basic identity as male. And he goes to sleep in paralysis by the loss of his potent life.

The widow has some sense of guilt, some idea of her wrong, as do all women who kill men:

1 Kings 17:18 NIV
What do you have against me, man of God? Did you come to remind me of my sin and kill my son?

Once again her solution is relinquishment. Elijah said, Give me your son.” He was “her son,” her property for her use. Such ownership suffocates the boy in a man. The woman must give up her hold over a man, but the man also must gain back his male soul. The Elijah-nature of God comes to bring this about.

1 Kings 17:19 NIV
He took him from her arms, carried him to the upper room where he was staying, and laid him on his bed.

Then this virile prophet, with all the fire and courage of masculinity ignited by knowing God, began to pray.

1 Kings 17:21-22 NIV
Then he stretched himself out on the boy three times and cried to the Lord…and the boy’s life returned to him, and he lived.

Intense prayer, impassioned commitment, personal involvement: these are the divine powers of the Elijah-anointing to raise manhood from the grave of Jezebel annihilation! Three is the number of completion. Elijah would stay until life came back, whatever that required of his own personal sacrifice. Only life would do. Only resurrection.

Elijah is the spirit of intercession. Fervent, impassioned prayer. The very energy of the Holy Spirit desiring God’s purpose to reign. Relinquishment to God and resurrection by prayer, these were the weapons Elijah discovered in Zarephath to defeat the Jezebel-Ahab scheme of God’s Diabolical Enemy.

Elijah had served the time of “small beginnings.” He had been faithful just to obey and care about the one. Elijah was primed now to face the big battle…

Jezebel remained on her savage throne. The dramatic fire from heaven had not so much as scorched her. The great victory seemed shallow. It had only served to more enrage the evil monarch.

Jezebel had seen the demonstration of God’s true power overwhelm her idol but because she, even then, didn’t bow to that True Ruler, she was more entrenched than ever in her evil realm. And Elijah, in utter despair, preferred to die than exist in the presence of such unconquerable evil.

His victory had not discouraged the hateful queen. Her murderous nature was only aroused. “I cannot win! I cannot even try any more. And it is unbearable to live in the same world with this indomitable evil! I have had enough, Lord! Take my life…”

In Elijah’s view, she had won. Despite God’s display of fire power, regardless of the people’s choice of their True God, Jezebel’s reign of terror was intact.

“I have had enough, Lord,” he said. “Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors.”
1 Kings 19:4 NIV

More than a sense of failure overwhelmed him. He had not conquered her, and he also faced the real fact that he could not defeat her. It was not only that he failed, it was that he could not win. Elijah’s weakness tortured him. He stood helpless against an evil he was assigned to conquer. Despite the defeat of her “religion,” the humiliating demise of her prophets, Jezebel was undaunted her rage and evil, more rampant than ever.

What was the good of defeating the prophets of Baal? She remained triumphant and unstopped. Elijah was to learn that he had not failed, but it was true that he could not win.

Elijah had vast authority over the demonic realm. He commanded all the elements of nature through his fervent prayer: drought, rain, and fire from heaven! He could call the people to a choice and free them from Satan’s hold. He could literally murder hell’s power held by Jezebel and destroy the false religion that had captivated the nation. Such power! Such dominion! But he could not conquer the willful, egocentric rebellion of a stiff-necked human being.

He couldn’t change a person who was given by continuing choice to deliberate evil.

He had no authority nor fire power, no potent prayer that could stop the rampant stubborn will of a person so wildly intent on being an embodiment of Satan. Jezebel was cold steel, unmeltable even by Elijah’s great fire of God. And he knew it.

His despair was not the cowering of a weak man. It was the courageous facing of a grim reality. He had come to the end of his power and authority. And he recognized he had no ability to destroy Jezebel, nor her defiant throne. His understandable fatigue was joined to legitimate despair, and the only escape from such unconquerable wickedness seemed to be…death.

His desire for death was an instinctive solution. It was not Elijah who should die, but his concept of God, now outdated and obsolete. And it would take a long process by the Father’s patient nurture before Elijah could comprehend the amazing secret to evil’s destruction.

2 Kings 9:30-31 NKJV
Now when Jehu had come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she put paint on her eyes and adorned her head and looked through a window. Then, as Jehu entered at the gate, she said, “Is it peace, Zimri, murderer of your master?”

Deluded by confidence in her lewd power to seduce, Jezebel thought to fascinate Jehu even while falsely accusing him of that which was her own sin…murder. Brazen woman with clouded mirror, hideously ugly and not seeing it. Jehu, aloof by his anointed authority as king over her, didn’t bother to answer.

Her self-confidence was a delusion. Jehu’s compelling calm was a divine reality. Instead of answering, he called out for volunteers and the eunuchs peered out from her window. Eunuchs, those men castrated, ruined by Jezebel. Their masculine seed destroyed under her despotic control.

Spiritually translated, “eunuchs” represent those whose fruitfulness, passion, and energy have been crushed and buried in some grave of the soul, living half a life, humanly alive but dead in gender. Men and women, both eunuchs of gender-futility by Jezebel-cruelty.

We, the weaklings given the call, have complete authority by the Word of the King, to throw down Jezebel-in-Satan from any towering stronghold where her presence rules and seduces, on any hill of our world.

King Jehu-as-Jesus did not himself touch her. He offered that right to her victims. As king with authority, as one higher than her presumed position, Jehu simply called the mutilated victims of Jezebel butchery to use their superior position under the Real King.

We are commanded to defeat her. Even as the weakest, most trembling victim of her oppression, we still have that Winning Authority behind us as God’s children. He who is “in us is greater” than the Jezebels loose in the world (1 John 4:4).

Jehu called first for a choice:

2 Kings 9:32 NKJV
And he [Jehu] looked up at the window, and said, “Who is on my side? Who?” So two or three eunuchs looked out at  him.


Significant choice! Jezebel-by-Satan traps you to her control by the force of a LIE that you cannot escape, that you are bound and forever caught under her power. But the right to choose is intact. And choice is enough. We can choose God…always, always. Sacred choice! The decision away from Jezebel and toward God is the beginning of “her” end.

The prison is easily left by the simple decision to be on God’s side.

Jezebel forces the consummate choice, “To whom will you CHOOSE to belong?” Before the universe, YOU have the right of choice. Who is on God’s side? Jezebel may capture you, destroy your fruitfulness, drag you to the tower of her evil. But when the King of Kings calls, your choice alone will determine your escape.

If you choose God, then you may throw Jezebel down to her own crushing death over your life…over any arena, any person, where she presumes control. Then he said “Throw her down” (v. 33). In an ironic turn, Jehu gave the privilege of her demise into the hands of her weak victims.

This Eternal Permission belongs to us and is given by the Savior whose Holy Blood is the dread and terror of Satan. Behind His command to “throw her down” is Everlasting Authority over Satan, earned at great cost. And by this authority of the King, we command.

It is ours to do! Do you understand? The privilege of defeating her is a responsibility to do so, a call to every believer by a New Testament summons to oppose the ancient Jezebel-tyranny. We must see the Burning Judgment of God against condoning that evil, stated in the letter to the church at Thyatira:

Revelation 2:23 NKJV
I will kill her [Jezebel’s] children with death, and all the churches shall know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts.

Jezebel is the disguise of Satan, the one who is the mortal enemy of God and murderer of His children. To allow her rule is to choose hell for yourself. But the real consequence is the loss of God’s protective favor…by deliberate choice. Beyond even that, we must see God’s fiery opposition and absolute hatred for the Jezebel principality. His Pure Indignation is even toward His own children, those who by perverted loyalty let His mortal enemy be their master.

The Suffering King rules Jezebel. It is only for His subjects to believe…

When our life is noted and recorded in Time’s Memory, will it be remembered as a life of secret prayer? Prayer that squeezes rain out of a dry heaven and waters a land scorched by sin?

For all you could say about Elijah – his faith, his anointing, his fire – what is Written and Preserved is the bald essence of his life, the meaning of the story and the way it all happened: fervent, effectual prayer.

The tests of walking with God are all designed for one end, really…to press you into Him.

How He desires communion! How He longs to sit in the Big Chair as Father and hear our infant-cry…to whisper eternal secrets in our ear and solve unsolvable quandaries.

Prayer is how Heaven remembers Elijah’s life:

James 5:17
“…he prayed earnestly.”

Prayer of such intimacy and rapport with God as to touch His strange ideas and then to be the open conduit through which they flowed to earth. It takes a miracle to liberate a single person, or an entire land of the scourge of Jezebel. A miracle is something only God can do.

In the final education of overcoming, prayer is the total answer for helpless humanity…  Only prayer, only prayer brings in the miracle. Prayer discovers the problem and the plan. And prayer brings it into visibility.

What is prayer? Prayer is asking questions more than making requests, silence more than speaking…

Prayer is relationship with the Divine.

Relationship! Prayer is profound listening to Another by the sacrifice of time lavished on seeking. To give no time is to hear no secrets. And to give up in the face of tyranny is to miss your appointment with the Author of your Destiny.

Chapter List (53)

Elijah Arrives
Elijah's Mission
Ravens and Sovereignty
Men and Fathers
The Widow and the Boy
Tolerating Jezebel
Sold to Jezebel
Jezebel's Teaching
Troubler of Israel
The Fire of Heaven
Abundance of Rain
Travail of Rain
Running with God
Running from Jezebel
Elijah's Despair
Cake and Coals
Lies of Jezebel
Weakness and Courage
Recovering God's Will
The Question
Mountain of Law
Winds and Earthquakes
Anointing for Judgment
The Kiss
Faith is Past
Jezebel Destroys
Elijah Restores
Ahab Must Die
Jehu, Anointed King
The Corpse of Jezebel
The Cross Has Won
Elijah of the Last Days
Overcomers' Reward
Eunuchs and Weaklings
Two Currents of Humanity
Love and Hate
What About You?
The Mind of Evil
Training Elisha
Elijah Raptured
Mount of Transfiguration
Chariot of Fire
The Mantle
Vessels Only
Out of the Web
Blood and Victory
Praying for Rain
You Will Know Them
Queen of Heaven
Resist Not
Only Love Will Battle
Great and Terrible Day
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