God With Us

#1 Amazing God, Ever New

Posted: Monday, June 27th, 2022
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About God With Us Series

We are ever in danger of abandoning Christ Himself for our idea of Him. Leave the familiar behind and meet the surprising Immanuel, God with Us!


Mark 1:27 AMPC
And they were all so amazed and almost terrified that they kept questioning and demanding one of another saying, What is this? What new (fresh) teaching!

Our God is ever new in His movement and fresh in His unveiling. In nature and character He is the same always, but the problem is we can never comprehend Him. I believe the Holy Spirit is commissioned by the heart of God to bring entirely new manifestations of the Spirit and new revelations of the knowledge of Christ.

It’s all about Jesus. There is no other purpose or centrality to anything God initiates. He would have us deeply know His Beloved Son. “Hear Him!”

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