Let devotional

#1 Small Word, Mighty Meaning

Posted: Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020
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About Let Series

LET. Wielded by the Holy Spirit, this tiny word had a huge impact on Martha’s life, and the adventure can be yours, too, if you just LET God be GOD.


I was sitting in a lovely garden in Europe, but I was in deep despair. I was crying out to God to not only speak to me, but please, just help me!  I heard one seemingly insignificant, small word: LET…

And my cloud of pain vanished.

That little word burst in power. Spoken by the Spirit, it held volumes within it and encompassed the whole Bible.

And as I sat there, amazed at the transformation in my heart, I was filled with all the ways that small word applied. “Let”…and the Lord began to finish the sentence.

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