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#1 The Lost Way

Posted: Tuesday, April 7th, 2020
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About Lost Way Series

We search for what we do not know, driven by what we cannot recognize. What is life about? There is a way, the lost way, with answers for us all.


In the garden, we lost the real meaning of life and chose a path leading nowhere. We are born running on that endless path. So life becomes a pursuit of the ‘lost way,’ that purpose whose name we have forgotten.

We are searching for what we do not know. We are driven by what we cannot recognize. What is life about?

We believe life is about power: gaining power to perform, live, dominate, succeed, or just to endure. Above all, we strive to BE something. This is our struggle because we believe life is about possessing power. And the means to that power is KNOWING.

From Eden, we believe the need of life is the power to KNOW in order to GET. But the problem is that we can never get enough of whatever we are getting.

What is really at stake is the struggle to be loved…to get love, to be the object of love. The power to be worthy of love. All the madness of trying and doing and thinking is the fury of seeking a connection with God, driven by the primal need of His love. A need we left for the choice of KNOWING.

The recovery of the ‘lost way’—the meaning of our existence—lies in this and this alone…

We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19 NASB

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