What's in a Name?

#13 Unending Fellowship with God

Posted: Wednesday, July 17th, 2019
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About What’s In A Name? Series

What's in a name? Names identify, explain, and serve to distinguish one from another. What do God's names reveal to us about Him, coming from Him?


Genesis 17:1 AMPC
When Abram was ninety-nine years old, 
the Lord appeared to him and said, 
“I am the Almighty God; walk and live habitually before Me and be perfect (blameless, wholehearted, complete).”

Now at the end of Abram’s effort, God could have unending fellowship with him.

God has no affinity for, no kinship or harmony with and certainly no likeness for the works of independent flesh. Only once we are finished with human endeavors to achieve God’s ends can we enjoy intimate communion and all the fruits of His presence…

finally as ALMIGHTY GOD!

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