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#14 Elohim Makes Covenant with Man

Posted: Thursday, December 16th, 2021
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About Under His Wings Series

Psalm 91 has amazing promises of provision and safety - and the requirements for accessing these blessings in full. Come under His wings today!


My God (Elohim), in Him I will trust.
Psalm 91:2b NKJV

Moses is saying, “Jehovah is my personal Creator. He who IS original sovereignty, I know – and into His power I trust myself.”

Elohim is Creator. This name is also used wherever God makes covenant with man. It is Elohim who covenanted with Abram. It is Elohim who covenanted with Noah, by the symbol of the rainbow promising never to flood the earth again. What Jehovah promises, Elohim is able to create without fail. His power and authority are absolute and above. Nothing can thwart Him or conquer Him.

Oh, what a multifaceted God!

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