Who Are You God?

#19 God Will Rescue and Deliver Us

Posted: Friday, February 11th, 2022
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About Who Are You, God? Series

As we consider His names in order to know Him, we pray He will reveal His character, His ways and His outpouring to humanity. Who are you, God?


The exegesis Bible in Psalm 91:14—

Because he hath set his love upon ATTACHED HIMSELF TO Me, therefore will I deliver SHALL I SLIP HIM AWAY…

Several times in crisis, Jesus seems to have “slipped away.” Since this Psalm is about Him and for Him, there is a promise of deliverance that He literally experienced. Whether natural or supernatural, He was rescued out of pressures, and out from the crowd: both the ones who sought to KILL Him and those who sought to CROWN Him.

In Christ, we have this amazing security. God WILL – as we love Him – rescue and deliver us from dangerous situations.

The root word here for “deliver” does mean “to slip out, escape, carry away.”

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