Who Are You God?

#2 I AM . . . GOD

Posted: Monday, March 28th, 2016
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About Who Are You, God? Series

As we consider His names in order to know Him, we pray He will reveal His character, His ways and His outpouring to humanity. Who are you, God?


Who is the great I AM?

Humanity always views the Almighty through the lens of suspicion. We blame Him for the consequences of our own mutiny. Like the people Moses led through the wilderness,
we rebel and complain. And despite all the evidence of His goodness, we believe He hates us (Deuteronomy 1:26, 27).

I AM began to reveal Himself to the Hebrew nation. He unveiled (as told to us in Deuteronomy) Who…I AM.

Judge (1:17)
Defender (3:22)
Father (1:31)
Leader (1:33)
Counselor (2:1-6)
Provider (2:7)
Giver (2:7)
Disciplinarian (1:42-46)
Sovereign (2:30)
Jealous (4:24)
Compassionate (4:31)

Who and what is…I AM?
Everything you could possibly – under any circumstances – need.

I AM is too vast to label, too wonderful to imagine. These names are but tiny grains in the Ocean of His Being.

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