Law of Liberty

#2 The Wonderful Holy Spirit

Posted: Monday, February 17th, 2020
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About Law of Liberty Series

The Law of the Spirit isn't a new set of rules or method that you must perform - it's all done for you. What is this Law of Liberty all about?


Romans 8:2 NASB
For the Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death.

Now we are entering the wonderful, amazing solution to everything that is human inability: the person of the Holy Spirit! He is a PERSON, not an influence, not a mere power.

He is the answer to every problem, the solution to every failure. The Holy Spirit is your connection to God; He is the very Life of Christ.

Find His roles in scripture and you will find your every need fulfilled. He is the promise of who you can be IN Christ. He is the finish of your destiny in God. The Spirit holds the secret of your being and knows the mystery of you—hidden in God’s heart. He is your introduction to the Trinity, and He is your escort to the Father’s throne.

The precious Holy Spirit is the power that conquers everything in you. He is the direction of your journey, the winner of your race.

Simply come under His absolute dominion and everything will come into its right place for you, even if you do not comprehend it. Instinctively, naturally, you will know God’s will and live it. You will know all you need to know for the life in which you are placed.

The Holy Spirit holds everything that God the Father has given for you.

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