The Mystery of Discipleship

#25 A Cross Experience for the Disciple

Posted: Saturday, April 1st, 2017
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About The Mystery of Discipleship Series

Jesus’ closest disciples were trusted to speak for Him and tell us His story. All are called to the mystery of discipleship, but the choice is ours.


Continuing with Luke 14…
“And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow Me cannot be My disciple.”

This matter of putting God before our dearest ties is a cross experience, and that dying is excruciating for both, but precious to God. It is death to relationship, but oneness is the reward.

I don’t usually tell a personal story but I want to share this one with you…

My precious daughter has spent time with God to understand my calling, and He has given her valuable insight about His purpose for me. She sees. She has been an amazing supporter to help me walk in my calling, and the Lord has often given her warnings of danger for me.

She went with me to Israel one year and her prayer beforehand was, “Lord, let Mom forget I am here.” She purposed to be of no distraction to my responsibilities. I did not know she had been so completely unselfish, and several times during the trip I really did forget she was there. I was horrified at myself but I was free to be focused on the Lord and His agenda.

She had a wonderful time and loved the journey and the people who traveled with us, but she had relinquished having a trip with ME only! She held herself as simply one of the travelers…oh, it was amazing to me. That was a once in a lifetime experience for us, and she was willing to live it only on God’s terms.

I was aware she was walking in delight, just alone with her own Lord and living out her private journey. A dear friend and her husband also made the journey, and they were Julia’s travel buddies, so the Lord set it up perfectly for HER as she gave the trip over to Him!

And in that state of surrender, she also formed a relationship that is going to be a blessing in her life and mine. She walked in the Lord’s will for her, and so He brought His will TO her. And in addition, she had new insight about my life and discernment about my walk and my needs in traveling.

I have died to her a hundred times and she has died to me. And the Lord has made us one in amazing ways that are very private and wonderful. We are on the same path of God’s purpose and will. The Lord loves to make Church out of family, but it happens only through the Cross of dying to self.

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