Who Are You God?

#25 Why Make God Your Refuge?

Posted: Thursday, February 17th, 2022
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About Who Are You, God? Series

As we consider His names in order to know Him, we pray He will reveal His character, His ways and His outpouring to humanity. Who are you, God?


He will call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him.
Psalm 91:15 NASB

The great reward of making God your refuge, of seeking to love Him and know His name, is this:

  1. Answered prayer
  2. The Presence of God in trouble
  3. Rescue
  4. Honor

Rescue (chalats) means to draw out, withdraw, take out, extricate.

Led of the Spirit and covered by God, the Lord Jesus so often withdrew and even disappeared from conflict, sorrow and danger. The “rescue of God” was a constant in His earthly life.

Jesus lived out His life from inside the secret place of the Most High!

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