Pursued by Love

#32 The Call to Intercede for Israel

Posted: Friday, February 8th, 2019
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About Pursued by Love Series

Love is a force that is not stoppable or predictable. Love is unquenchable. The only thing you can do to Love is…miss it.


There is a great move of the Holy Spirit to awaken Christians to stand with Israel, to reach toward God and find His current mind and purpose toward the “apple of His eye.” Every move of God becomes tainted by humanity and eventually is just a “current fad” that will pass away for the next perk. For some though, this move will become a lifetime commitment and a permanent love.

The deepest identification with Israel would be to deliberately enter the box of her failures to repent WITH and BESIDE her. The great intercessors such as David and Daniel all put themselves fully in the midst of the sinners for whom they prayed. They didn’t say, “have mercy on them,” but “have mercy on US.”

I have pondered, read, and listened to my Lord Jesus (and to tell the truth, striven greatly) to write these brief messages on Hosea. And somehow the Holy Spirit has given me the repentance about which I am writing. As I see His heart and consider “our” constant faithlessness, I believe I have stumbled on one means to stand with Israel pleading for the grace, mercy and blessing of God in Christ Jesus.

Will you stand with God’s beloved nation in this same repentance?

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