Finding the New You

#36 Who Will Follow Christ?

Posted: Friday, October 25th, 2019
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About Finding the New You Series

Revelation is given in the practical places. Every life experience is buried treasure for discovery of who God is and what Jesus has given: a whole, new YOU.


Luke 9:23
NASB  If anyone wishes to come after Me…
AMPC  If any person wills to come after Me…

The Greek word for ‘wishes’ and ‘wills’ means “to determine, an act from subjective impulse (a desire that is personal, a heart object).” Zodhiates writes: “the word implies not only willing something, but also pressing on to action.”

A mild desire to follow Christ is not enough. This call of Jesus is to those with a determination to follow Him: a personal, decisive choice that is strong enough to become a life direction.

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