Meeting Adonai: Beloved Owner

#41 Adonai is All Wisdom

Posted: Sunday, April 24th, 2022
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About Meeting Adonai Series

God moves radically toward us and deals mightily with us when we see and receive Him as Adonai. Meeting Adonai, Owner and Master, changes everything.


The wisdom of Job: But to man He said, Behold, the reverential and worshipful fear of the Lord (Adonai) – that is Wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding” (Job 28:28 AMPC).

In Scripture, knowing God as Master is linked to an encounter with Him that produces fear and reverence.

Seeing Him as Adonai gives you eyes to see His wealth of knowledge in all things. Under God as Owner you can recognize evil and turn away from it. As your Master, God’s secrets of heaven and earth are your possession.

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