Pursued by Love

#45 Removing Idolatry from Within

Posted: Thursday, February 21st, 2019
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About Pursued by Love Series

Love is a force that is not stoppable or predictable. Love is unquenchable. The only thing you can do to Love is…miss it.


I will take away the names of Baalim [the Baals] out of her mouth and they shall no more be mentioned or seriously remembered by their name.
Hosea 2:17 AMPC

So begins the stunning list of God’s “I wills” in Hosea, Chapter 2.

God Himself will remove idolatry from within. This is a New Covenant promise to Israel. In the Old Testament, the high places and altars of evil were smashed geographically. In the future, Israel will experience salvation from idolatry within!

Just as God captures our hearts and imparts worship through Christ Jesus, He will capture the heart of His beloved Israel, beginning with the sovereign removal of idolatry.

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