Pursued by Love

#48 God is Our Faithfulness

Posted: Sunday, February 24th, 2019
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About Pursued by Love Series

Love is a force that is not stoppable or predictable. Love is unquenchable. The only thing you can do to Love is…miss it.


“I will even betroth you to Me in stability and faithfulness, and you shall know (recognize, be acquainted with, appreciate, give heed to and cherish) the Lord.”
Hosea 2:20 AMPC

If you have ever wrung your hands over your spiritual instability and anguished over your continuing faithlessness, this stunning promise will cause you to crumble and weep.

Our incredible God will establish a bond greater than marital vows, more intimate than the closest human relationship, and He will do it all Himself! He is our capability. He is our integrity. He is all we cannot be and all that He requires of us.

I would have settled for so much less and called it wonderful. But no, He is “exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask or think” (Eph. 3:20).

This promise is for Israel and for all who are grafted in: the followers of Christ! Those who will believe and receive…

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