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A Love Unfathomable

Posted: Tuesday, December 24th, 2019
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About Holiday Manna Series

A collection of devotions written in celebration of various holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. May this holiday manna bless you!


Jesus left His power and splendor. Sent by His Father in a Love unfathomable, the Prince was born into the most ordinary humanity. No son of priest or prophet was He. Step-child of a poor carpenter. Son of a simple girl.

Jesus slipped into the world in humility…obscurity…frailty. A tiny cast of players in an obscure setting moved upon the stage of this Unspeakable Event.

Mary carried.
Joseph served.
Shepherds beheld.
Magi worshiped.

A barn sheltered. A feeding trough cradled…and Herod murdered.

By that Divine Invasion, hidden in the depths of such abject beginnings, the dark history of mankind was interrupted by Light. The earth groaned under the touch of the One who imagined it and the heavens glowed in bursting ecstasy. But the religious-knowing and the ignorant-unknowing ­– all the weary world – slept on, the silence unbroken during that just-another-night.

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