All Things New

All Things New in the New Year

Posted: Monday, January 2nd, 2017
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About All Things New Series

We like the familiar by thinking it's 'all there is.' God is the Creator, exploding with imagination and bursting with plans, unexpected and beyond our dreams. Are we ready? Will we receive the new?


Though we’ve come to the end of Martha’s devotional series All Things New, we are nowhere near the end of our journey into the wonder and mystery of Jesus Christ! We hope that you have experienced new joy and wisdom in exploring with Martha the unfathomable gift that is the new creation.

Starting tomorrow, we embark upon The Road to Union, and what a fitting adventure to this new year. May you meet Jesus in unexpected and miraculous ways in the days to come. And may this year bring you a deeper knowledge and experience of the love of God and the power of Christ to make ALL things new in Him!

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