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From Strange Night to Thunderous Day

Posted: Wednesday, December 25th, 2019
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About Holiday Manna Series

A collection of devotions written in celebration of various holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. May this holiday manna bless you!


We all – ones who know Him and ones who do not – hang suspended between that Strange Night and the Thunderous Day of His coming. When Christ will shake the still-sleeping world by an entirely different appearing: in splendor, majesty, power, and…decimating glory.

All will wake to see Him, only to fall prostrate at His blazing feet. And the question in our suspension is…

Are you carrying Him within…as Mary?
Do you serve Him by sacrifice…as Joseph?
Have you seen Him…like the shepherds?
Will you worship Him…like the Magi?

Or will you murder Him…as Herod (and the religious leaders, and Judas)?

A Blessed Christmas to our friends here and around the world. We extend our hearts to pray for you the presence of this Holy Savior throughout your holiday season. May your new year be filled with the grace and the knowledge of Immanuel, the God who is ever present, with us.

With love from all of His children at Shulamite Ministries!

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