God With Us

God With Us Now and Forever!

Posted: Tuesday, July 19th, 2022
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About God With Us Series

We are ever in danger of abandoning Christ Himself for our idea of Him. Leave the familiar behind and meet the surprising Immanuel, God with Us!


The God With Us devotional series by Martha Kilpatrick has come to a close. We hope that you’ve been as blessed by these revelations of Immanuel as we have!

For an even deeper perspective of the riches available to us through Immanuel, Martha’s audio series, Knowing Christ, is the one to get. You will find yourself encountering Jesus Christ in an incredibly personal way though this series. And if you’ve never heard her series, Christ, My All then now is the time to listen. With each passing day, our need to comprehend what it means to carry the Son of the Living God within us grows. Christ, My All is a feast on that ground!

Tomorrow we embark on the adventure known as Finding the New You. We hope you’ll join us there, too!

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