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Posted: Tuesday, March 10th, 2020
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About Law of Liberty Series

The Law of the Spirit isn't a new set of rules or method that you must perform - it's all done for you. What is this Law of Liberty all about?


We may have reached the end of this short but powerful series on the Law of the Spirit, but your own exploration of the offices and functions of the Holy Spirit can continue!

The Spirit and the Wind is one of the most thorough and intensive teachings on the Holy Spirit. In nine messages, Martha delves deep into all things Holy Spirit. As she says in this wonderful series, “If we give the Spirit His place, He will come. He is the Spirit of Life, and where He is allowed to be, He brings life.” You don’t want to miss this one!

We also highly recommend The Inner Room, the fifth booklet in Martha’s booklet series on prayer, Hearing God. With its painstaking delineation of soul-life versus spirit-life, this powerful booklet shines a bright light on the Spirit. And study of the Holy Spirit would greatly benefit from these two teachings. We bless your continued pursuit of God’s great Gift to us!

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