#29 Follow the Lamb, Find the Cross

Yield to follow the Lamb wherever He goes, and you will bump into the cross.

#28 The Path We Walk with God

Obedience is a path. On that path alone, God meets you and walks with you.

#27 Obedience Is a Certain Path

Obedience is a certain path. God is on it, and with me, but only there.

#26 Jesus Obeyed Because He Loved

Jesus obeyed because of His amazing love for His Father. His obedience was founded on intimate relationship, and for that sweet kinship, He was willing to obey all the way to His own death. Obedience is based on relationship – … Continue reading

#25 To Do the Will of the Father

Jesus did not come to save the world. He did not come even to die for the world. He came for one express purpose: to do the will of the FATHER. And that meant dying to save the world.

#24 Obeying What He Saw

Jesus did nothing that was not obedience. All His words and all of His movements were simply obeying what He saw and heard from His Father.

#23 Beyond the Beginning of Obedience

Obedience is not simply doing what God says, though that is the beginning of obedience. Obedience is Christ. He alone could perform God’s will as like God. And Jesus must BE my obedience, living His own performance in God’s will … Continue reading

#22 What Obedience is Not

Obedience is not doing God’s will or performing Christ’s likeness. So what then IS obedience?

#21 Obedience and the Narrow Gate

Matthew 7:13 NASB Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. The entrance that Jesus refers to is the only way … Continue reading

#20 Obedience then Truth

Obedience is first, then comes truth. Truth is known only by obedience. John 8:31-32 AMPC If you abide in My word [hold fast to My teachings and live in accordance with them], you are truly My disciples. And you will know … Continue reading

#19 By Obeying, I Follow Jesus

By obeying, I follow the Lord. And in following the Lord, I discover Him.

#18 Free to Choose Obedience

I am free to choose obedience or not, but that’s not the real choice I’m making. The choice is really to have the Lord Jesus or…to lose Him.

#17 Obedience is a Choice

Obedience is a choice, but not just between two random options. Obedience is a choice of LIFE or DEATH.

#16 Obedience is Not a Prison

I am utterly free to obey or not obey. Obedience is an offer of God’s Love, a debt I owe, and the mandate of the Father—but not a prison with no doors.

#15 The Things We Substitute for God

Knowledge ABOUT God became a substitute FOR God.

#14 Abandoning Obedience

Knowledge was Eve’s way of abandoning obedience.

#13 To Appear Obedient, Yet Not Be

Knowledge is the way to appear obedient…yet not be. If I KNOW, doesn’t it mean that I know HIM?

#12 Incentive of Obedience

The incentive of obedience – the ONLY incentive – is love.

#11 Obedience is a Mystery

Apart from true relationship with the Lord Jesus, obedience is a mystery…unsolvable.

#10 Obedience is Not about Right and Wrong

Obedience is not the keeping of a written code. Obedience is not about doing right and not doing wrong. Obedience is a relationship to the Person who is God.

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