#26 The First Crisis of Daniel is Ours, Too

Daniel determined in his heart that he would not defile himself with the king’s rich and dainty food or by drinking the wine… Reading Daniel 1:5-19 AMPC Daniel’s Crisis Daniel came to his first crisis – the test of Babylonian … Continue reading

#25 Through Faith They Conquered

The explanation of Daniel is not his strength, his courage, his wisdom, or his skill. He was not exceptional or unique. The explanation of the man and his story is given to us in the New Testament: …who through faith … Continue reading

#24 The Absolute YES Comes with NO

Daniel’s process of surrender is hidden from us in the scriptures. You must find it in your own process. In spite of – no, THROUGH – his suffering, Daniel was reconciled to God as GOD, giving to the Most High … Continue reading

#23 The Just Shall Live by Faith

The one explanation for Daniel’s character, victory, and revelation is this sole issue, this one core principle: Daniel lived by faith. “The just shall LIVE by faith.” Romans 1:17 KJV Faith is the solution to every problem, the means to … Continue reading

#22 Daniel is an End Times Book

Daniel is an End Times book. It is a brilliant guidebook for those of us who live in these last days. And the secrets of God in Daniel, the divine wisdom that God gave him, were promised to be opened … Continue reading

#21 Called to Be Alone With God

The coming days will test our every tenet, expose our unbelief, and reduce us to God alone. Our faith will be secure only in the Person of Christ…and that is a solitary following Him. Alone with God From The Sword … Continue reading

#20 Daniel Looked to God Alone

Daniel stands for this: that no one could change his ‘name.’ Daniel remained who he was in a place that opposed who he was, would change him into what he was not. Neither praise nor attack moved Daniel. God is … Continue reading

#19 Identity is Crucial to Live for God

Daniel he called Belteshazzar… But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself… Daniel 1:7, 8 ESV If the enemy can superimpose a ‘name’ on you, you have left “God is my judge.” And you have become who you are … Continue reading

#18 Daniel: God Is My Judge

Daniel’s name means God is my judge. The issue of your ‘name’ is the concept of your essential being by which you live. God has His own name for us all. And to live out of your in-God-identity, you must … Continue reading

#17 Uniqueness Comes from God

The world could not define Daniel and so…could not touch him, capture him or change him. If there is any love of the world in you, you will take on its low name and its base habits. Uniqueness comes from … Continue reading

#16 The Choice to Remain God’s

But Daniel resolved… And God gave Daniel favor and compassion… Daniel 1:8, 9 ESV Daniel’s choice was resolve, strong enough to take a risk. God’s favor always follows the choice to remain His, and that is—to be who He has … Continue reading

#15 God Will Reveal Himself Through Us

Daniel existed for God, and he lived to “show that the God of Israel, the only God, is in control of the destiny of all nations” (Spirit-filled Life Bible commentary on the Book of Daniel). Your very life demonstrates God or denies … Continue reading

#14 Daniel Was a Royal Son

Then the king ordered Ashpenaz, the chief of his officials, to bring in some of the sons of Israel, including some of the royal family and of the nobles… Daniel 1:3 NASB Secretly, meekly, Daniel was fiercely Daniel. He needed … Continue reading

#13 Defend Your Identity Like Daniel

But we belong to God, and those who know God listen to us. If they do not belong to God, they do not listen to us. That is how we know if someone has the Spirit of truth or the … Continue reading

#12 Story of Daniel, Not Belteshazzar

Several of the finest young Jewish men (without defect) were chosen to serve in the king’s court. Daniel was one. The king put them in a school of the Chaldeans’ language and literature. Babylon sought to absorb them into its … Continue reading

#11 We Can Flourish Under Pressure

Babylon was a nation of false gods and Daniel was sent into the center of this idolatry. His absolute loyalty to God alone grew and flourished in the midst of this terrible pressure. Daniel is the full picture of a … Continue reading

#10 Blind to the Crisis of Idolatry

Every difficulty is about idolatry. Greed is about idolatry. Greed is the evidence of idolatry. Disloyalty is about idolatry. On and on. The essence of every life is only this: who is really your God? We ever are blind to … Continue reading

#9 Given What They Chose: Babylon

So Babylon was allowed to absorb Israel into its worldly values and heathen culture. AND to its gods. That is always the intent of the ‘world system,’ to take you to the foot of its false god. God’s people were … Continue reading

#8 The Capture of Israel and Loss of Identity

Israel refused to belong to God and began to belong to the world, which is to say, God’s enemy. If you choose to mix with and live by the world, you will have its characteristic, its mindset…and its god. Israel … Continue reading

#7 Identity is Everything and We Must Know It

Israel did not treasure her IDENTITY as a people belonging to Jehovah. The people and the leaders mixed with heathens, adopted their gods, and above all, failed to heed the voice of God. Identity is everything. It’s how you perceive … Continue reading