#14 The Wonder of the New

Hosea 1:2 NASB When the Lord first spoke to Hosea, the Lord said to Hosea, “Go take to yourself a wife of harlotry and have children of harlotry…” The prophets were those who could tolerate the new and shocking. They … Continue reading

#13 A New Future Right Now

Philippians 3:13 NASB Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead… God is so new that when every day … Continue reading

#12 A New Unfolding of God

God is the same always. But He is unfolding His identity all the time, and so the immensity of His Majesty and Being is to be ever NEW for us. And it will be ever new for us IF we … Continue reading

#11 A New Order of Disciples

Jesus chose a new order of men. He ignored and rejected the Levitical line of priesthood, the ones among whom God was expected to appear. Instead, Jesus chose new blood and new disciples: laborers and common men. He bypassed the … Continue reading

#10 The New Sacrifice

Hebrews 10:8-10 NIV First He said, “Sacrifices and offerings, burnt offerings and sin offerings You did not desire, nor were You pleased with them (although the law required them to be made). Then He said, “Here I am, I have … Continue reading

#9 The New Temple Is a Living One

Reading John 2:13-22 NASB 19. Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up again.” 21. But He was speaking of the temple of His body. Jesus was the finish of everything God Himself … Continue reading

#8 Radical End and a Staggering New

John 4:21 NASB Jesus said to her, “Woman, believe Me, an hour is coming when neither in this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father.” Jesus concluded worship in the temple and brought it into the “new” temple, … Continue reading

#7 New Heavens and New Earth

Reading 2 Peter 3:10-14 in the Amplified But we look for new heavens and a new earth according to His promise, in which righteousness (uprightness, freedom from sin, and right standing with God) is to abide. 2 Peter 10:13 AMPC … Continue reading

#6 God Will Have His Way

2 Peter 3:13 NASB But according to His promise we are looking for new heavens and a new earth… Oh, the wonder of this thought: God will have His way. God will have His creation in the nature and character … Continue reading

#5 All Things New: Nature and Humanity

Revelation 21:5a NASB And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” God destroyed the earth in Noah’s day because of sin. Now God is moving and going toward His plan to re-create the … Continue reading

#4 God’s New You in Christ

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. 2 Corinthians 5:17 NASB In all things, God our Father will have…NEW. A new heaven and a new earth … Continue reading

#3 Our Ever Fresh, Ever New God

Isaiah 43:19 NASB Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert. God abhors ‘old.’ He is ever … Continue reading

#2 God’s ‘Coming New’ Is ALL New

The word ‘new’ is Kainos. It denotes new, of that which is unaccustomed or unused, not new in time (recent), but new as to form or quality, of a different nature from what is contrasted as old (from Vine’s Expository … Continue reading

#1 All Things New

Revelation 21:5a NASB And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” New. The word is used from Matthew to Revelation… God’s overall, conclusive plan is to make all things new. All things! All…things. … Continue reading

Where Are You Going This Year?

The following is an excerpt from Martha’s article “Going!” from the series Change of Seasons. It seemed particularly anointed for the first day of a new year. May it bless you richly! Our life is like a house. It must … Continue reading

When God’s Purpose is Your Purpose

Luke 2:29 AMPC And now, Lord, You are releasing Your servant to depart (leave this world) in peace, according to Your word. As always, the Bible gives a short story with hidden clues to treasures of spiritual meaning. Every word … Continue reading

Enraptured with Immanuel

Luke 2:28-29 AMPC Simeon took Him up in his arms and praised and thanked God and said, And now, Lord, You are releasing Your servant to depart (leave this world) in peace, according to Your word. Simeon, who lived for … Continue reading

Recognizing the Messiah When You See Him

Luke 2:27-29 AMPC And prompted by the [Holy] Spirit, he came into the temple [enclosure]; and when the parents brought in the little child Jesus to do for Him what was customary according to the Law, [Simeon] took Him up … Continue reading

Divinely Revealed to Those Who Loved God’s Will

Luke 2:25-26 AMPC Now there was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon, and this man was righteous and devout [cautiously and carefully observing the divine Law] and looking for the Consolation of Israel; and the Holy Spirit was … Continue reading

Day of Thanks for EVERYTHING

…in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 NKJV I can easily thank God for His benefits, for things I like and gifts I approve. For people who bless … Continue reading

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