The Power of Obedience Will Change Your Life!

Posted: Monday, January 7th, 2019
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About The Power of Obedience Series

Obedience is not just a reflexive performance of God’s will. It is richer than we know, and its power is known by too few. Would you be one of them?


Though yesterday’s devotion was the last in Martha’s The Power of Obedience devotional series, you can continue to follow the Spirit on the issue of obedience. 

True Obedience is a powerful audio series on the life-or-death role of obedience in living the Christian life. In order to obey, we need God’s will for our life. Every day. Knowing God’s Will covers all the bases there. And finally, you don’t want to miss Martha’s beautiful Message of the Month, Real Sheep Follow. Each one of these teachings will help you broaden your experience of what it means to follow Jesus Christ every day.

Martha’s next devotional series, Pursued by Love, begins tomorrow. May it ignite a fire in your heart to know more deeply than ever our God Who IS Love and Who loves us beyond measure!

NOTE: We’re offering a 25% discount on each individual teaching mentioned above. When checking out at, just enter the coupon code OBEY4LOVE. Enjoy!

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