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The Outpoured Fullness of Our Royal Savior

Posted: Sunday, December 27th, 2020
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About Holiday Manna Series

A collection of devotions written in celebration of various holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. May this holiday manna bless you!


What a time it must have been in heaven when the Son laid down His glory, left His position, abandoned His power, and walked out from the Throne of His Father to step down into His own creation…and limit Himself as just another human grain of sand.

What a scene it must have been!

The angels in astonishment. The cherubim in adoration, and the Father? Was His Extravagant Heart bursting or breaking? Or both?

What Jesus did cannot be comprehended. What Immanuel gave is beyond us. It can only be stared at in wonder and longed for…

May we comprehend His divine humility and by drinking of Him in this outlandish quality, absorb the outpoured fullness of our Royal Savior!

May our Extravagant Father make your Christmas lovely with His presence. Praying for you, and resting gratefully under the Wings of His sovereign circle that has brought us together.


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